The Diana Warren Series


Book One

Diana Warren left her Clan behind when one of their own betrayed her and killed her father. She vowed to live her life as a Faoladh, a wolf, apart from those who betrayed her, even if it means a dangerous, solitary life. But, there are those who have other ideas about her life.

When her grandfather, the Clan’s most recent Alpha, passes away, Diana reluctantly agrees to pay her respects in person. Upon arriving in her childhood home of Wolf’s Head she finds herself in the middle of a civil war.

On one side is the man who killed her father and on the other side is his son, a man she cannot trust anymore. Counting down the days until she can leave, the body of an old friend spurs not only Diana into action.

Their Goddess has returned and he has chosen to mark Diana with her favor. All Diana has to do is put her faith in a man who broke her heart years ago and try not to die in the process.

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Book Two

Diana is plagued by nightmares of her fellow wolves being murdered. When she wakes up covered in dirt and blood, she fears that she’s the one killing her friends. More and more wolves are missing and it’s up to Diana to take care of the new threat to her Clan.

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The Evangeline O’Dair Series

Book One:LeahNewCov1


Evangeline thought that she had more or less left behind the life that she once lived. Now, she uses her gift with the dead as a fake psychic consultant with the local authorities and is happily looking forward to marrying Jason Cavanaugh, her Faoladh sweetheart.

Her wedding is quickly approaching, but more murder scenes with her name on them are cropping up around her everyday. Literally. She thinks she knows who is behind this, but can she deal with her father before he ruins her wedding?

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